Electrical Safety during the Summer

In the summer time it is refreshing to just hop in the pool and hangout with friends.  There are many electrical dangers in home and outside that should be taking into effect before you kick back and enjoy the beautiful summer days.


  1. Do NOT play around or touch a power line.  These are very high voltage and could cause serious injury if tampered with.
  2. Stay away from downed power lines.  If you see any downed power lines stay far away and contact your energy provider.
  3. NEVER play on or around utility poles.  There could be a line running down the pole that could cause injury or there could be some nails in the utility pole that could cut someone.
  4. Do NOT post any signs or flyers on the utility poles.  posting signs on the poles cold cause injury to yourself or even a worker trying to work on the utility pole.
  5. Never throw shoes or clothing on the power lines or try to retrieve any items off of the power lines.  The power lines contain a high level of voltage and throwing things on top of the lines cold cause them to be damaged or fall.  Retrieving anything from on top of the power lines could be very dangerous, the line could be damaged and it could shock you or it could cause the lines to fall.


  1. Keep electrical toys and or appliances away from water of any kind. Do NOT touch electrical toys and or appliances while you are wet or standing in water.  This could cause severe electrical shock.
  2. Make sure all electrical connections to pools and hot tubs are fully grounded to avoid shock.
  3. Make sure all major appliances (Washers, Dryers, Etc.) are plugged directly into grounded outlets and not extension cords.
  4. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI's) in all "wet" areas in the home

Summer can be a very fun and refreshing season but can hold many dangers.  It is important to make sure your home is safe for yourself and your family.  Never undertake any "Do-it-yourself" project with your electrical system, our trained technicians are on stand-by ready to assist you in all your electrical needs.  To find out more about these topics and where we got some of the information go to http://www.rootelectric.com/summer-electrical-safety-tips/ . Have a safe and fun Summer!



Electrical Safety during a Power Outage

Around the Winter months power outages during winter storms can be common.  Many have been told over and over what to do about food and heat during a power outage but what about knowing how to keep all your electronics safe?  If the power goes out it is important not to panic.

-First check to see if your neighbor's power is on, if so then it could be a problem in your home.  Check all your circuits and breakers to make sure they are not blown or tripped.  Replacing these can cause your power to come back on.  If the problem persists then contact your electrical supplier or a licensed electrical contractor.

-Unplug all electrical units, including microwaves, televisions, computers, breakers, circuits, etc.  Be sure to leave on one light source to be sure when the power is restored.  This way none of your appliances will overload the electrical system or get damaged if there is a power surge.  Wait a couple minutes after the power has come back on to plug everything back in. 

-If you use a standby generator, make sure it has been installed and wired by a licensed electrical contractor.  

-If you are using a heat source during an outage be sure it is safe and away from potential hazards. If it requires fuel, be sure it is stored properly outside the home.  If it is a Kerosene heater be sure appropriate ventilation is practiced while in use.

If you follow these easy steps then you will be sure to maintain a safe environment.  Remember that here at D.W. Evans Electric, Inc. we are dedicated to helping you and your family during any electrical problem.  For more information on this subject go to http://www.safeelectricity.com/information-center/library-of-articles/62-storm-preparation/318-what-to-do-during-an-electrical-outage.  Stay warm during these winter months and have a fantastic day!

Electrical Safety in the Home

U.S. Fire Departments responded to an annual approximate amount of 47,820 reported house fires involving failure and malfunction of electrical structures in 2007-2011.  These reported tragedies resulted in around 455 deaths, 1,518 injuries, and around $1.5 billion in property damages.  These numbers are way too high, here at D.W. Evans Electric we strive to provide your homes and businesses with top notch electrical work to keep you and your families safe.  Below are some tips to help ensure your home stays safe for years to come.

  1. Have all electrical work done by qualified electricians
  2. Only plug one heat-producing appliance into an outlet at a time (Coffee maker, Toaster, Heaters, Etc.)
  3. Make sure all major appliances (Refrigerators, Dryers, Washers, Etc.) are plugged directly into the outlets
  4. If a fuse blows, or the breakers trips often, find out why and resolve the issue before continuing use
  5. Check electrical cords and make sure they are not running across doorways or under furniture/carpet
  6. Use light bulbs with the recommended wattage 

​For more information on this issue and where this information was taken from visit www.nfpa.org/safety-information

We here at D.W. Evans Electric hope you take these tips and keep your home and family safe.  Together we can change statistics. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


A promotion and advice for you

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If your electricity bill is running very high in price each month, here are some tips that will help reduce your bill.

  1. Do not leave electronics plugged into outlets unless they need to be. This includes leaving chargers plugged up without a phone or laptop on the other end. The charger still pulls electricity through the outlet (called no load mode) because a charger is a constant transformer converting AC to DC voltage.
  2. Run your ceiling fan counter-clockwise to help remove the hot air from the center of the room.
  3. Switching to LED lamps will make a significant difference in the monthly cost of your electric bill. There will be the upfront cost of purchasing the LED’s but it will save you enough to justify it in the long run.

I hope these tips help save your hard earned money.  Thanks and have a wonderful day!